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Saland Law PC Update: Top Criminal Defense Results, Super Lawyers and the Manhattan District Attorney Associates

Over the past few months, Saland Law PC has enjoyed success both in the courtroom and in the professional arena. The New York criminal defense attorneys and former Manhattan prosecutors at Saland Law PC have diligently and successfully advocated for clients investigated and arrested for Grand Larceny, Criminal Possession of Stolen Property and similar theft crimes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester County and the much greater New York City region. Although past results do not guarantee future outcomes, Saland Law PC’s criminal lawyers obtained significant departures from initial indictment or arrest charges for numerous clients while also keeping those clients from serving state prison or local jail sentences. Some of these recent examples include: People v. XXXX – Client arrested for entering a school and stealing multiple laptop computers worth thousands of dollars. Charged with “D” felony Grand Larceny related activities, client ultimately received a non criminal and non incarceratory Disorderly Conduct violation.

People v. XXXX – Client worked at a major financial institution and was indicted for felony Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree (an “E” felony) for stealing “secret scientific material” prior to retaining Saland Law PC. After search warrants were executed in an attempt to locate the “secret scientific material,” the prosecution sought incarceration on a felony plea. Saland Law PC’s criminal defense attorneys secured a misdemeanor without probation or prison. People v. XXXX – Client was alleged to have forged an employer’s name to a lease agreement while also using the employer’s credit card to make thousands of dollars in unauthorized purchases. Prosecutors believed that in addition to the credit card fraud, our client stole nearly $70,000 during the course of our client’s employment. Despite being identified in a lineup by employees of the store where the alleged credit card transactions occurred, the People ultimately agreed to permit the client to plea directly to a misdemeanor without probation or incarceration in lieu of an indictment on the felony Grand Larceny and related charges. Alternatively, the client was offered a deal whereby the client could plea to a felony, but later withdraw that plea to a potential non-criminal Disorderly Conduct violation if client followed certain rules. Although our client had faced Grand Larceny in the Third Degree (a “D” felony) and possibly greater felony Grand Larceny charges, our client avoided any felony conviction or incarceration. People v. XXXX – Client was alleged to have stolen credit cards from a restaurant the client frequented. Despite video showing what appeared to be our client taking the credit cards, the criminal defense attorneys at Saland Law PC successfully challenged the prosecution’s lack of a viable identification of our client. Ultimately, despite being charged with multiple “E” felony Grand Larcenies for theft of credit cards, our client received an ACD (adjournment in contemplation of dismissal) and our client’s record remained clean of any criminal convictions.

People v. XXXX – Client, a graduate from a top New York City university, was arrested for shoplifting approximately $2,000 worth of clothing. Further, client had a previous “run in” with the law from client’s youth which compromised our defense. Despite this, the criminal lawyers at Saland Law PC convinced prosecutors to offer a disposition whereby our client ultimately received a non-criminal Disorderly Conduct violation.

Although this small assortment of recent cases merely exemplifies some of Saland Law PC’s recent successes and case results, our criminal defense attorneys have successfully represented clients in multi-million dollar Grand Larceny fraud cases including those involving Criminal Tax Fraud as well as Embezzlement indictments and arrests alleging tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Beyond New York theft and larceny defense, Saland Law PC has also disposed of cases and defended numerous clients against arrests and indictments for violent, property and vehicular crimes.

Outside Saland Law PC’s success in the courtroom as criminal lawyers, our criminal attorneys’ work ethic and skill have been acknowledged far from the doorsteps of New York’s courtrooms. In fact, we are proud to announce that Super Lawyers rated Elizabeth Crotty for her skills as a New York criminal defense attorney. Further, the Manhattan District Attorney Associates, a benevolent association formerly known as Hogan-Morgenthau Associates that advances the interests of former Manhattan prosecutors, honored Ms. Crotty by appointing her to the board. Jeremy Saland, our other founding criminal attorney, has been busy as well having spoken about criminal defense law and procedure, as well as its practical application, to the Matrimonial Committee of the New York City Bar Association. Further, Mr. Saland previously served as treasurer for a committee of the New York City Bar Association, lectured governmental staff of multiple foreign nations on New York criminal law and has been asked to create Continuing Legal Education classes on various criminal law topics.

Saland Law PC is a New York criminal defense firm founded by two former Manhattan Assistant District Attorneys. To educate yourself on criminal statutes, review legal case decisions or read about cases in the news, please go to our websites or blogs linked below.

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